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MABB truly appreciates the participation of companies who choose to meet blood bank professionals from across New England at our annual Spring Seminar.

We invite you to visit these exhibitors at our Spring Seminar and online at the links below.

2012 Exhibitors

AABB - National Blood Exchange
Blood Resource Sharing

American Red Cross - Massachusetts Region
Blood Products/Clinical Services and Education Programs

Bio-Rad Laboratories
Bio-Rad Reagents and Cells

Edstrom Industries
Pulse Monitoring System

GenesisBPS / National Hospital Specialties
TCD Sterile Tube Welder
Pedi-Pak Syringe Filter

Albumin and Thrombate

Hb301 analyzer and Plasma/Low Hb Photometer

Hettich Instruments. LP
Blood Bank centrifuges including the EBA20S and EBA270 bench tops

Blood Bank Reagents and Automation

KOL Bio-Medical Instruments, Inc
Compodock Waferless Sterile Docking System
Neonatal and Adult Transfusion Products 

Transfusion Safety Management; Nationally acclaimed Specimen Collection System 

New England Organ Bank
Information on Organ and Tissue Donation

Novartis Diagnostics

Pall Medical
Acrodose Plus

Ortho Clinical Diagnostics
OCD Traditional Reagents
MTS Gel Products

Web-based Antibody Identification and Frozen Inventory Management Software

Rhode Island Blood Center
Routine Donor Testing; DNA and HLA Testing; Blood Products and other Components

Soft Computer Systems
SoftBank and SoftDonor

Wescott Laboratory Solutions