TUG® Autonomous Smart Mobile Robot 

 American Red Cross Blood Services

  Blood Products and Services


 Baxter Healthcare Corporation

   Advate, Recombinate, Feiba, Rexubis


 Bio-Rad Laboratories

   TangoTM Optimo System

Digi-Trax Corporation

  Replitrax Bar Code Replicator, Labels, Blood Temperature Tags

   Plasmatherm Dry Thawing and Warming Device
Blood Collecting Devices


    TEG 5000 Hemostasis Analyzer

    DH2 QuickThaw Plasma Thawing System





Mediware Information Systems

    HCLLTM Transfusion

    ADAM r-WBC

OctaPharma USA


Ortho Clinical Diagnostics


 Quotient Biodiagnostics

    Blood Bank Reagents


    Environmental Monitoring

    Donor Testing Services (Routine Testing; Reference Lab; HLA/DNA

           Blood and Blood Components

Solvera Monitoring Solutions

    Critical Monitoring Solutions


Wescott Laboratory Solutions