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MABB truly appreciates the participation of companies who choose to meet blood bank and cell therapy professionals from across New England at our annual Spring Seminar.

We invite you to visit these exhibitors (exhibiting items below, in italics) at our Spring Seminar and online at the links below:
National Blood Exchange
Soloris (Eculizumab)
Blood Products and Services

Antibody Check - Blood Bank Software

Obizur and FEIBA

Blood Bank (BECS) Validation, Data Conversion, Validation

CryoPod™ LN2 Carrier, 
ThawSTAR™ Automated Cell 
Thawing System

TANGO infinity

On-Demand Donation ID 
Number Set Labels, 
Blood Temperature Tag
RapidWeld STW Sterile Tube Welder 
and Plasmatherm (Dry Thawing & Warming Device)

HyperRHO® S/D

Immunohematology and Molecular Immuhematology Diagnostic Solutions
 RhoGAM Ultra-Filtered PLUS [Rho(D) Immune Globulin (Human)

MediCopia® Integrated 
Specimen Collection and 
Transfusion Administration 

Ortho Vision and Ortho Workstation
Environmental Monitoring Systems

Blood Components, Donor & Reference Lab Testing

Wescott Laboratory Solutions
Test Tubes, Pipette Tips, Reagent Racks, Testing Platforms