About Us

The Massachusetts Association of Blood Banks (MABB) is a volunteer organization of transfusion medicine and cellular therapy professionals.  Our members are medical technologists, physicians, nurses, researchers, students and teachers.  We work at many different hospitals, health care organizations, universities, and blood centers.  We value the opportunity to advance the professional standards of blood banking and cell therapy in our region and around the world.

 Our goals:
  • to foster the exchange of ideas and information
  • to advance and encourage high standards of performance
  • to encourage the development through education, public information and research
  • to plan for cooperation between blood banks at times of disaster

One of the highlights of our year is the annual spring seminar.  The MABB has some wonderfully talented people who volunteer their time and energy to bring you the annual seminar - a chance to network with friends and colleagues, and to meet with the vendors of the medical products and derivatives you use every day in your laboratories. 

Following the spring seminar each year, some of our speakers graciously make their presentations available to all. Navigate to our Spring Seminar Program pages to find and view these interesting and informative lectures.
We welcome your input and energy!  Please contact us if you are interested in volunteering or serving on the MABB board.



The MABB began in 1970 as an idea by June Arnold and other techs at Cardinal Cushing Hospital in Brockton. There was a overwhelming support for development of a peer group organization that could discuss current issues and blood banker "problems." So began the hard work of developing the Massachusetts Association of Blood Banks as we know it today. The MABB became official on Feb 4th, 1971. The purpose of the organization was to foster the exchange of ideas and to encourage the development of blood banks through education. The first board organized monthly meetings, the annual seminar, scholarships and awards. The original newsletter "Blood Bank News "was first published in 1978. It was renamed "Reactions" in 1979. After many years of lack of publication "Reactions"was brought back in 2008, and continues to be very well received.

The goal of the organization has not changed throughout the years — that being the fostering and support of new ideas and methods. The organization tries to accomplish this by holding this yearly seminar. As the association continues to grow it is each member's responsibility to support the association by attending the seminar and spreading the word to fellow techs who are unable to attend. The MABB has come along way from 30 individuals back in 1991 to close to 300 members today. Thanks to the foresight of such people as June Arnold, Harold Warford, Elaine Fayello (Nappi), Patty Fleming, Carl Wrubel, Donna Pacini, Peter Lorey and countless others who gave of their time and ideas so many years ago, we now have an organization that is growing and flourishing, and one in which we can be proud of being a part!

Our Logo


The current logo was designed by Marilyn Kovar Kozak and represents the three disciplines of blood banking: technology, nursing and administration.

Letter from a retired Boston-area laboratory technologist and former MABB board member:

14 April, 2014

As the first anniversary of the Marathon Bombing approaches, I want to thank all the Boston Blood Bankers for their heroic efforts last Patriots Day.  No one, other than fellow blood bankers will ever fathom how hard you worked with such flawless accuracy and speed.  I can only imagine the total volume of blood products that passed through the six trauma center ERs and ORs as well as the outlying hospitals that took other patients less critically injured.  I don't think any other city in the world could have treated as many critical victims without a fatality,  other than those at the scene.  We train many of the best and last year the Best of Boston and the New England region shined brighter than the beacon in Boston Light that illuminates the entrance to Boston Harbor.  God Speed.   Boston Strong!      

Susan (Arendacs) Roche